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Homology-reliant DNA Restoration Inhibitor


YU238259 is really a novel inhibitor of homology-dependent DNA repair(HDR), but is not going to slow down non-homologous end-enrolling in (NHEJ), in mobile-based GFP reporter assays.

Associated Goods:Bucladesine salt salt

Hsp90 Inhibitor

PF-04929113 Mesylate

PF-04929113 Mesylate, a prodrug of SNX-2112, is surely an orally productive Hsp90 inhibitor, by using a Kd of 41 nM, plus induces Her-2 degradation, with the IC50 of 37 nM.

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Histone methyltransferase Inhibitor


A-196 is really a effective and picky inhibitor of SUV420H1 and SUV420H2 with IC50 principles of .025 and .144 μM, correspondingly greater than 100-fold selective over other histone methyltransferases and non-epigenetic focuses on..

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Ephrin Receptor inhibitor


ALW-II-41-27 is actually a novel Eph receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, useful for malignancy remedy.

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Tyrosine Kinases inhibitor


Sitravatinib (MGCD516) is actually a novel modest molecule inhibitor targeting several RTKs associated with driving a vehicle sarcoma cell development, such as c-Package, PDGFRβ, PDGFRα, c-Satisfied, and Axl.

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